Veronisoft Get IP and Host 1.5.13 Full Serial

Veronisoft Get IP and Host is a complete IP connectivity monitoring application host on the Internet or LAN connected. For those of you who have Internet connected to the LAN or WiFi, of course, monitor each network each time is very important and one of the best IP surveillance applications Veronisoft Vs full management costs of the screen IP on this occasion. You can also regularly test and check the HTTP TCP port or a specific user IP devices (servers, routers, workstations).

Veronisoft Get IP and monitor an IP address connecting host and displays a message when there is a radical change in one of the connected IP. Surprisingly Veronisoft Get IP host application and also allows you to access shared folders from a PC or a laptop that is connected, the exchange of messages and traceroute. Then, this application also displays a status register which will be very useful if something happens in your network.
Veronisoft Features Get IP and Host 1.5.13

Max. The number of IP monitoring - for instance 70
PING / TCP / HTTP Monitoring
(Box design, the message box) visual, audio (WAV, Custom Text-to-Speech) notifications
Custom application execution or BAT file change status
Registration Options txt or csv file status check
It is possible to run three Monitor VS instance on the same computer IP
OS: Windows 07/08 / Vista / XP
Language: English
Veronisoft Get IP and Host 1.5.13 Full Serial
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