Tipard Blu-ray Player 6.1.30 (FULL + Patch)

Reading Software powerful Blu-ray to Blu-ray for Windows

Tipard Blu-ray software, Blu-ray plays very wide, that can play different types of discs / folders / to Blu-ray ISO image files, 4K and 1080p HD video and other video / audio popular, like MP4, MXF , MTS, MKV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, MP3, etc. powerful functions in a single software even with zero loss of quality.

Playing discs / folders / Blu-ray ISO images
Playing videos on your computer 4K
1080p HD video recording and common, without limitation,
Play all Blu-ray without limitation,
Tipard Blu-ray is specially designed to create Blu-ray discs can be played on personal computers. With this Blu-ray, all the image files ISO Blu-ray, you can also play on your computer without limitation. In addition, it will play 1080p HD video and 4K and HD videos with WebM quality and unparalleled effects. If you want to see a new film released currency that does not show in the cinemas of the country, deserves this software players. It was not affected by the problem again if you get a Tipard Blu-ray player. Only this player software and some Blu-ray discs can enjoy newly released and has a feeling of being in the theater.

Integrated Media Player
In fact, you can not only play Blu-ray discs, but it is also compatible with Blu-ray ISO files and image backups on your hard drive. Another factor that makes it popular is that it allows you to play MP3 audio files to common video TS, MTS, M2TS, MXF, TRP, TP, MP4, MXF, MTS, MKV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, etc. .. Almost all popular media files can be played on this player. It is rare and commendable for a video recorder with video functions without any loss of original quality. In a word, you can download other players on the team if you get Tipard Blu-ray.

Can play 1080p HD video and 4K
4K video and 1080p HD video refers to a popular video formats with super high definition, giving the home theater crowd viewing pleasure. Most video 4K with special player device which is very expensive. Tipard Blu-ray has solved this problem. All HD video including 1080p HD movies are compatible with this advanced gaming software. So you get flamboyant visual pleasure, as long as you get this Blu-ray playing software.

Better user experience
Tipard Blu-ray gives you the best visual effect. He is a professional Blu-ray software and a universal media player. But do not assume that a professional video player requires professional knowledge and technical exploitation. Tipard Blu-ray aims to make life much easier. It starts quickly and is very easy to use. Just follow the instructions and in a few clicks you can familiarize yourself with it. In addition, the interface of this DVD beautiful and comfortable, giving users the best entertainment experience.

More Features

Choose audio track and subtitles
While playing a Blu-ray Blu-ray Disc software, and help you choose your preferred audio track and subtitle according to your own will.

Enjoy bloopers
If you are a fan of bloopers, this software media player satisfy their curiosity. Choose titles and you might find interesting outtakes of the film.

Snapshot wonderful times
With the help of the snapshot feature, you can take your favorite moment and save it as an image file in JPEG format.
Tipard Blu-ray Player 6.1.30 (FULL + Patch)
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