SARDU MultiBoot Creator 3.0 Pro (FULLY Cracked)

MultiBoot sardu Creator build a USB flash multi-boot drive (or other removable) for PC and Mac tool, Antivirus, Windows XP and Windows XP, Vista, Seven and eight installers and all Windows recovery disks easily in minutes without partitions and without any knowledge on multiple operating systems.
The integrated media sardu can be used to boot a PC or Apple Mac OS X
Advanced users can also import custom menus and custom and / or ISO is not directly supported.

Multiboot older BIOS or EFI for PC and Mac with multiple OS ...

Multiboot with multiple antivirus rescue CDs

After downloading the ISO images, has SARDU a download manager, you can use the engine over ten antivirus (one at a time) to remove harmful viruses or other malicious software. This antivirus tool multiple rescue disk is considered a good tool for debugging computer if the computer can not start or damaged. Improved disaster recovery.

Multiboot with hundreds Tools

You can create, retrieve, repair, resize and merge partitions, clone disk, making an image, recover or change lost password, use backup software; run diagnostic tools based on diskette from a USB stick or DVD, save and retrieve lost images and documents and test material objects, such as RAM and hard drives, etc. all you have to do troubleshooting.

Multiboot with several Linux live

You can try the best Linux Live distributions downloading file system images into RAM so that nothing is written to the hard disk, so you can turn your computer into a multimedia LAN Test and security player or Wi- Fi using your USB flash drive or DVD.
You can use more than 100 Linux distributions, modular live like Slax, xPUD, Ubuntu (and derivatives), Fedora, Debian, mint or other of the same USB stick or DVD.
You can build a live USB stick with Ubuntu and Fedora (and derivatives) with persistent storage preferences and retain data even after a reboot

Multiboot with several Windows PE install or recovery disc

You can start from a DVD or USB with the "Windows Live" (Windows PE), so you can create Windows recovery disc to install Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven, eight or Windows Technical insight Windows 10 from a multi-choice or USB DVD.
Use USB media to install an operating system uses a higher speed compared to the slow and easily damaged DVD.
Sardu MultiBoot wil Creator Pro you can install from USB all Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows seven, eight and Windows Technical Preview for Windows 10 without a CD or DVD player. This is the quick solution for tablets and netbooks and best techniques of the solution.
SARDU MultiBoot Creator 3.0 Pro (FULLY Cracked)

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