SanDisk SSD Dashboard Final

SanDisk SSD Dashboard is the latest company to make the software to manipulate SSD and is arguably the most feature-rich. The Dashboard software called SSD and covers almost all features we have seen other SSD manufacturers, and adds more features on top.
Home screen starts very humble, but it is a good thing, no need to overwrite the user from the start. You can see the units of data capacity, capacity utilization, hard life, the interface speed and temperature. The temperature function is currently giving a false reading of some SanDisk units will be fixed in the next update.
• In the Performance tab provides real-time performance metrics, the Windows Performance Monitor survey data. You can see both the performance (MB / s) or IOPS performance for data reads and writes data.
• Users can also select the Optimize tab to cut the unit in this section in the operating systems that support the function.
• Tools of the section is quite extensive. Here you can update the firmware in two different ways. Dashboard is the first to reach the SanDisk servers and download / install the firmware. The second is to download the firmware yourself and then use the dashboard to install the firmware.
• Again, Windows 8 secure erased blocks, but SanDisk allows users to connect a USB storage device, the SanDisk software format and start the software to make clear SanDisk SSD.
• Disinfect also blocked by Windows 8, but SanDisk is working on a way to make all blocked functions working on the latest operating systems.
• If the device was encrypted with TCG Opal eDrive or software, can eliminate encryption and data unit with Crypto Erase function.
• In the dashboard, you can run a more or shortened SMART test.
• For more information on the device, all information on the device and attached speed, the model number, serial number, name worldwide and other details.
• The last tab under Tools that provide information on the operating system and the computer.
• At the bottom of the Tools page is a section called additional features. These are third-party software manufacturers functions. They are partners and SanDisk device features include cloning, antivirus, recovery after theft and security of the camera.
* Not available
OS: Windows All
SanDisk SSD Dashboard Final
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