Samsung Magician 4.7

Samsung Wizard is a powerful program for the maintenance and welfare of the Samsung SSD devices via a single set of optimization tools and benchmarking.
After being created only a handful of Samsung SSD models (840/830/470 series, EVO 840 and 840 PRO), Samsung Wizard is not compatible with other products. We strongly recommend that you use a different firmware, as serious injury may result.
Judging by everything that defines it, the Magician Samsung a well thought out overall land users a hand in order to improve the performance of your SSD. Its main points include benchmarking and optimization unit outside of the box, and firmware updates, and securely erase data.
Based on an intuitive interface and easy to use, Samsung Magician provides all the functions in a single window, providing easy access to all components. A detailed report unit hosts the first time you start, showing important information about the firmware status, ability and health of the disc.
To test the SSD, you can safely use the integrated calibration tool that focuses on device for reading and sequential write speed, the relevant indices measure the performance record.
Other tools votes in the operating section Optimize, a little sport adjust the settings of the operating system to work better with its SSDs. You can
choose from three preset profiles, maximum performance, maximum reliability and maximum capacity, but can also create a custom scene by the Advanced tab.
One of the nicest features of the Samsung Wizard is the fastest way to increased disk performance by using up to 1GB of DRAM as a cache for "hot" data (frequent use). This tool, but developed exclusively for Samsung EVO model 840, also said to be working with the SSD 840 PRO.
Considering the above, the Samsung SSD Magician are the perfect companion, keeping track of the performance and health of the disk, in the right amount.
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OS: Windows XP / XP 64-bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 64 07/07 bits / 64 bits 8/8
Samsung Magician 4.7
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