Pointstone System Cleaner Full Patch

Full Patch Point System Cleaner is software designed to maximize the performance window systems on a PC or laptop. This software will clean your hard drive of unnecessary files left adds to their use of disk space. Cleaner points then the whole system will also clear the browser cache, files - temporary files, browsing history, and many others.

If you think your current computer becomes slow and correct implementation, most likely because the adjustment kmputer. Then you need to download the software directly Patch Point System Cleaner to finalize this and clean any malasah happens on your PC so that you get the most from your computer immediately. Point Cleaner can download the software for the entire system is free to gigapurbalingga and of course the full version.
Key Features Full System Cleaner point:

Re-performance, disk space on your hard drive and protect your privacy by cleaning Internet history, cache, temporary files, Windows temp files, recent document list, find history, history race, * CHK files, the recycle bin, additional garbage and much, much more.
Scans dead shortcuts from the Start menu and desktop. If it finds shortcuts that point to files that do not exist for you a list is displayed.
It allows you to delete or disable entries that start automatically when Windows starts. This pulls all entries in the program and registration Start Menu Startup folder.
Define your own user defined items to remove (specified files or folders).
Backup files to a ZIP file or proprietary file format. Later, you can restore individual files using the "Restore Wizard".
Own directories and Internet Cache Files. It allows you to clean directories that usually have Temporary Files or cache files (Windows Temp
Directory, Documents Folder, MS Internet Explorer Cache Directory and Netscape Cache Directory).
Powerful file search. You can choose to search for files between a certain date, with some or all file attributes, with a certain size or with the contents of a file that matches a string defined by the user.
Delete files in the Recycle Bin, zip, move them to a folder or completely delete them!
Scans multiple hard drives.
Fixes system errors that slow your PC down and cause it to crash
Accelerate the implementation of its PC software
Deletes temporary files wasting disk space requirements and other
Tunes up and optimizes the Windows Registry
Erases all evidence of your computer activity and Internet
It makes your computer boot faster
Make your PC faster shutdown
Grants all important Windows settings
Pointstone System Cleaner Full Patch
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