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JetBrains PhpStorm - Developed in the top of the IntelliJ IDEA platform is PhpStorm an integrated development environment (IDE) that is specifically designed for web developers who need the right tools to edit PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML.
Application designed to help users create and modify the source code, no matter what programming language they use. Just like any other IDE editor, comes with base, such as bookmarks, code completion, zoom functions, breakpoints, etc. However, it contains many features such as macros, code analysis and quick navigation that makes your job a lot easier.
When you start the program for the first time, create a new project or simply open an existing one. Now go to the project, located in the left pane of the main window, click on this link and open a new file, directory, HTML or PHP or XSLT.
After that, a new tab opens and you can enter as desired script and compile to see if any errors or warnings.
You can also access advanced tools at the bottom of the main window. These tools allow you to view your project from different perspectives and provide access to typical development tasks. These tools related to the management, source selection, operation and troubleshooting, integration and other useful information project.
Since it comes with an intuitive and well-organized menus, can PhpStorm you can quickly navigate to a specific custom class region, symbol, line, or using the "Go" button. And you can see all your favorites and inherited members or jump to a specific statement.
The "Run" will help run the script in seconds. You can modify the Run / Debug configurations and modified options orders interpretation and catalog. What's more, you can quickly evaluate a particular expression, see the point of execution and breakpoints, restart the program or script debugging.
Finally, PhpStorm certainly a reliable and stable solution that can compete with other developing high-end too.
Intelligent editor
• PHP editor with the encoding of smart early completion code
PHP-aware analysis:
• Advanced PHP Code insight and quick navigation
His lab code:
• Power unit testing with PHP test runner UI
Fine tuning toolbox:
• Integrated graphical debugger for PHP
* Not available
OS: Windows XP / XP 64-bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 64-bit 7.7 / 8.8 64-bit / 2003
PhpStorm KeyMaker is Here!
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