Outpost Security Suite Free 7.1.1

Outpost Security Suite Free (32-bit)

Outpost Security Suite Free is a free version of Agnitum’s all-in-one antivirus security suite. Outpost Free protects against viruses, hackers and data theft– all you need to stay protected.

The anti-malware technology has received Virus Bulletin's acclaimed VB100 awards multiple times, which tells you can be confident that the software is well-equipped to detect and remove in-the-wild malware. The personalized anti-spam incorporates both traditional spam filtering criteria such as white- and black lists and keyword filtering.

Agnitum's performance-driven security is lightweight and doesn't slow your computer down; it is even suitable for netbook and other low-end PCs. The new data filtering optimization delivers increased performance for the firewall module, further reducing resource usage. 

No matter your level of expertise, Outpost Security Suite Free will meet your needs with automatically-applied anti-malware updates as well as real-world security policies from the ImproveNet user collaboration network. This unique system automatically configures and applies rules that govern how various applications on the PC access the Internet based on extensive default settings for the most popular software packages.

Here’s how Outpost Security Suite Free protects you online:

Virus-free environment
Outpost Free detects and removes all types of viruses at no cost.

Private data stays private
Outpost Free keeps your documents, photos, videos, and email protected, so no-one except you can access them.

Secure online payments
Don’t be afraid to use your credit card on the web! With Outpost Free installed, your financial account information is completely inaccessible to hackers and cyber-thieves.

No slowdowns, no interruptions
Outpost Free gives you lightweight, resource-friendly protection, so you can forget about the system issues and slowdowns often associated with security software.

For - Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64
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