Opera Mini for Android

Opera Mini is a fast, smart and the most compact Web browser for Android. It has some lightweight features which are easily accessible. Opera Mini loads the most complex web pages very quickly, and offers a fast web browsing experience on your Android. 

Features of Opera Mini for Android :


Opera Mini looks simple and designed to work on all kinds of phones. With the simple display algorithms Opera Mini loads the entire page very quickly even on slow connections by compressing images and graphical elements before delivering them to you.

You can personalize your Android web browser with different looks by customizing the appearance by change image quality, font size, and screen orientation on you Android. You can also change the setting of privacy mode.

When you launch Opera Mini, takes you directly to the Quick Launch menu to see all of your top websites at a glance in the Speed Dial.

Tabs are smooth and flexible, allows you to open multiple web pages at once by clicking on the plus arrow in the top right-hand corner. Maximum screen size, address bars and toolbars that adjust automatically, you can read the web pages clearly. An address bar with auto complete feature and search bar has given on right side of the address bar on Opera Browser, to provide simple and quick search access.

Stay update while browsing with Opera Mini. Opera Mini delivers the world’s news on the screen along with the latest updates from your friends

With the light weight technologies, simple interface and convenient features Opera Mini downloads the files extremely fast on Android devices. User can stop or resume downloads between browsing sessions with download manager.

Overall, Opera Mini is smart, fast and easily accessible web browser for Android. It designed to make comfortable on your Android. With smart display options and useful features, Opera Mini loads the web pages extremely fast. Today Opera Mini is a popular web browser and strong competitor in the web browser market for Android.

What's New : 

OpenGLES hardware acceleration
RTL text support in UI
Beam support
Added Exit button

About the Publisher :

Opera Mini is the product of Opera Software. Opera Software provides a high-quality, multi-platform product for a wide range of platforms and operating systems. Also delivers the quality products and services to more than 120 operators around the world, to provide them a faster, economical and better network experience to their subscribers.

Opera Software is working hard to improvise their products and services quality time to time, and has the mission to develop superior products and services for their users around the world.

Software Details :

Version : 7.0.2
File Size : Not available
Operating System : Android


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