Ontrack EasyRecovery Enterprise Full + Crack

Ontrack Easy Enterprise (25.82 MB) is a program that lets you easily recover data in the most common situations, such as after removing them from the Recycle Bin, or lost due to virus attacks or format errors disk. When it comes to the loss due to the failure to start the data system, the program allows you to create a floppy disk, start it, it will be possible to recover the data by moving them to another disk.

FAT file restoration and NTFS, hard drives IDE / ATA / EIDE, SCSI, floppy disks, Zip and Jaz. Furthermore, it could restore the Zip archives and documents created in Microsoft Outlook, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Built-in hard drive diagnostic tools Ontrack Data Advisor provides users with a powerful tool for the rapid assessment of local drives.

Are you a computer expert, a senior leader or ordinary home user - there are still many situations where the company's critical data is lost or damaged. Ontrack wealthy family of products allows you to restore data without extra effort. GUI update makes the program very easy to use and offers many features that can satisfy the needs of all users.

If you have lost data due to:

Accidental deletion
Virus attacks
Damage due to a power failure or voltage surges
Error in the program
Problems creating sections or loading
improper shutdown
Damage to the file system structure
Or as the MEDIA program FDISK
Ontrack EasyRecovery Enterprise Full + Crack
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