NET Framework Version 2.0 SP2

.NET Framework (2)

.NET Framework Version 2.0 SP2 was one of the most important versions of the popular Microsoft software development platform that enabled developers from all around the world to create windows-focused applications inside software environment that enabled them to take full advantage from professionally made libraries, interoperability across several programing languages, and app execution inside software virtual machine that enabled developers to easily take advantage from countless standardized features that their app could access. The main programming effort of  all .NET Framework applications is done almost exclusively via the most popular .NET software ever made, and  integrated development environment platform called Microsoft Visual Studio.

After .NET Framework Version 1.1 that arrived in April of 2003, version 2.0 became integral part of Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Biz talk 2006, with standalone version being offered for download from late January of 2006 (it was also a part of Windows Server 2003 R2 package). Among many new additions that version 2.0 brought, most notable was integration with SQL Server, new API changes that unlocked new capabilities for Visual Studio apps, .NET Micro Framework support, and many more.

Some of this version’s main features are:
  • Improved caching
  • Support for wider range of browsers and devices
  • Improved application deployment
  • Improved scalability and better performance
  • Better caching
For - Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7 / XP64
 net framework version

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