Mirillis Action! 1.26.1

The Mirillis action! It allows the actual recording / capture of Windows Aero in superb HD video quality. With the action! You can reference and display the frequency of game images, save your game, add live audio commentary to create high quality tutorials.
Action! It is compact, stylish and easy to use. With outstanding performance and sleek design Action! defines a new standard of user experience for a game in real time desktop recording software.
You can use the action! to capture their gameplay, desktop activity or the selected area office but also prisoners.
Save your HD games - Game performance benchmarking:
• Action! outstanding performance and GPU utilization allows to record HD video in real-time soft game ever! Display current and average game framerate (FPS) during gameplay and save your benchmark results.
Windows Aero smooth HD recording, create easy tutorials:
• Action! sets a new standard for performance and user experience for office recording of real-time software. HD video recording with a dekstop and applications seamless high rate of activity, add microphone audio commentary and create tutorials with ease!
Real-time recording web videos - to record what he sees:
• Record videos from websites and other applications in real time. Action! the ability to record video of the area defined by the screen, selected application window or full screen mode. With the action! You can record video from a web player, regardless of the video service you use!
Export your recordings to popular formats and devices:
• Select one of many predefined profiles and push
• A button to export your recordings to popular formats, favorite multimedia devices, Facebook or YouTube ™. Save energy and time using optimized and hardware accelerated video exporting with Intel Quick Sync Video and NVIDIA CUDA technology.
Uploading to YouTube or Facebook:
• Export and upload your recordings to popular services and social networks like YouTube and Facebook. Action! It provides predefined profiles for YouTube and Facebook exporters, simply push a button to export and transfer your recordings to your favorite quick and easy service automatically.
Image capture:
• With the action! You can take multiple pictures of their games or office. Just press a shortcut key and is stored in a file on your hard drive screenshot without interrupting your work or play.
Record audio comments:
• Action! can record additional audio commentary during recording or live game dekstop facilitate the creation of tutorials and video game walk through. Microphone setting provides full volume control and microphone mixing level with system sounds.
Friendly and elegant user interface:
• Action! It is compact, stylish and easy to use.
• Integrated managers for recordings, benchmarks and images allow to browse, delete selected items and export recordings to popular formats and devices. With outstanding performance and sleek design Action! defines the new standard of user experience for games benchmarking, gameplay and recording in real time desktop software.
Record what you hear:
• Action! You can record everything you hear on your computer. Audio recording function can record audio with sounds, music and games. Using the microphone can easily create podcasts. In addition, action! You can encode in real time recorded audio M4A format, making the recorded audio files small and compact.
Play in HD - record in SD:
• ultra-efficient video recording!
• With the action! ultra-efficient 480p video recording HD can play your game or HD desktop for a very long time, which saves disk space. Location Optimized 480p video recording file on your computer CPU and hard disk allowing smooth gaming and safest and work.
Easy playback of video recordings:
• Action! It includes an internal DVD response optimized for ultra-raw video recordings bit rate playback. Double-click the video thumbnail in action! ready to play!
The outstanding performance:
• Action! defines a new standard of performance for gaming software and desktop recording. Use ultra Mirillis optimized video codec patented multicore (FIC - Fast standard compression) with highly optimized application engine offers HD video recording maximum performance in real time.
* Not available
OS: Windows Vista / Vista 64 bit / 64-bit 7.7 / 8.8 64-bit / 64-bit 10/10
Mirillis Action! 1.26.1
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