MetroTwit 1.1.0


MetroTwit is a fantastic Twitter desktop client that is crafted to take every advantage of Microsoft’s own metro design language. It manages to offer every functionality and ease of use of great web application, but in standalone package outside of your browser.

Because this is standalone application, it can be used in all modern Windows environments, with full support for customizing colors to make it look like any other Metro application. This is especially important for users who have become well versed and accustomed to the Windows Metro app environment, making the entire interface of MetroTwit much more attractive and appealing to them. Main sections of the app are separated in columns that can be added or deleted at will. It can display not only general twitter feed, but also customized searches, your messages only, etc. Users even have the ability to quickly edit their tweets and fix any spelling mistakes or errors they accidentally typed.

As many twitter clients, MetroTwit fully supports visual and audio notifications, link shortening service, support for multiple accounts, and much more. All of that is packaged into phenomenal graphical interface that will make your daily twitter life much easier than before.

Note: MetroTwit has been discontinued and support is no longer available.

For - Windows (All Versions)

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