LanSweeper Full + Serial Key

Lansweeper (7:14 p.m. Mb) is a program of analysis of various parameters on computer networks with the ability of certain features on the remote control. The software integrates with Active Directory, so you can view information collected via the Web or a custom query interface, save the information in a SQL database server does not require client installation on the computer the user (only if a computer in the same domain).

Main characteristics:

Run the server application on as many servers as you wish.
Use with unlimited clients (no restrictions).
Completely rewritten service and intuitive new web interface.
Reports: reports on 200 hardware and software, including servers and networks.
Export all data to excel from the reports in the web interface.
And reporting software licenses and operating system calculation of costs.
Launch custom commands and programs from the web to support your customer interface (remote control, ping, event viewer, remote screenshot, ...)
Win32 GUI for easy configuration changes.
The optional scheduled scan.
LanSweeper Full + Serial Key
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