IntelliType Pro 8.2

IntelliType Pro

IntelliType Pro is a free software driver package that allows the users an all Windows versions after Win200 to customize their Microsoft® keyboards and make their special functions perfectly aligned with their needs. It can be used to re-program the keys to launch applications, open files or web pages, and perform more application-specific functions  like Copy and Paste, Find, Find and Replace, etc.
IntelliType Pro software covers drivers and customization options for every single Microsoft branded keyboard, including those who were part of desktop sets and especially entertainment keyboards who have numerous additional buttons that can totally customized by users wishes. Those special buttons can activate a Windows function or start any app your desire. IntelliType Pro even supports biometrics, which can be used for advanced identification.

It is important to note that PS/2 keyboards were supported up to driver version 7.1, and that after version 8 only USB keyboards can be detected.

For - Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7
 intellitype pro 8.2

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