IntelliPoint 8.2


Microsoft IntelliPoint gives you a full control over your Microsoft mouse and its features – you can use it to reassign the way your buttons and wheel work, adjust your mouse settings, and configure your mouse in a way that each one of its buttons can launch applications, perform commands, or access shortcuts. Some of the most popular options that could be set with IntelliPoint are the rate of the mouse wheel turn and the ability not only to preform Alt+Tab function with one mouse button but also “Next Window” command that will cycle the scene for all currently active windows.
Final version of the Microsoft IntelliPoint drivers for their mices was released both for Windows and Mac OS X in late 2011, and was succeeded by Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. This single package managed to combine drivers and tools of both IntelliType and IntelliPoint.

IntelliPoint is a freeware and works on computers running Windows 2003, Vista, XP and Windows7. Driver package supports all mice that were made or supported by Microsoft with their brand name, which includes those that had both PS/2 and USB connectors. Please note that PS/2 drivers are available only up to version 7.1. Version 8 and above dropped the PS/2 support and are focused only on USB ones.

For - Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7
 intellipoint 8.2

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