ICE Book Reader Pro 9.4.3 Full + Serial Key

ICE Book Reader Pro 9.4.3 (55.21 MB) is a convenient electronic textbooks and readers, as well as applications that can be used as a teleprompter. ICE Book Reader Pro is a CHM file LIT options reader and not use components from Microsoft or Microsoft Reader can also be used as file converter: TXT DOC, TXT, HTML, PDB, TXT, HTML, TXT documents, TXT , -txt FB2, TXT LIT and others. Convert various character sets.

Additional Information:

ICE Book Reader Professional - is not only a strong electronic text readers (books). This powerful book based data:
ICE Book Reader Professional allows you to store books and managing information about them (up to 250,000 pounds).
ICE Book Reader Professional can automatically organize your book collection. Just add thousands of books sorted ICE Book Reader Professional library to get a collection of books totally ordered with minimal effort.
ICE Book Reader Professional is the only library that stores all books as separate files. You are free to copy, delete or rename the file book. But in any case, ICE Book Reader Professional ensure the integrity of the database.
ICE Book Reader Professional uses distributed, heterogeneous databases, fault tolerant. This ensures data integrity even when it comes to the physical destruction of data.
It goes without saying that the database engine ICE Book Reader Professional is, above all, the conventional database. Just try it ...
ICE Book Reader Professional was created to make reading text files (electronic books) are easy and convenient. Why is this important? Learn HTML pages, documentation, or a different letter on reading electronic books. Read books require more time. Therefore, the load on the eye is much more powerful. In addition, the reading of books is usually a continuous process. Even when reading of HTML pages, reading constantly alternates with a short break.
That means for reading the book to create a more comfortable environment. Otherwise, tired eyes and there is a serious risk of disrupting your vision. The main purpose of the ICE Book Reader Professional - is to do everything possible to prevent damage to sight during long reading.
ICE Book Reader Pro 9.4.3 Full + Serial Key
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