Hide Folders 5.3 Build Full Version

Hide Folders 5.3 Build full version is a program that will help you hide files or important files on your PC perfectly. You must have the file or folder is private so no one has to know the existence of the folder or file. Well, a program that can be used to hide folders Hide Folders is the full version.

Hide Folders using the full version, you can hide a file or folder you want, so no one knows where the folder on your computer. With a simple user interface makes full version of Hide Folders software is very easy to implement, even for beginners.

What do you wait before you download and install the full version Hide Folders is now well and protect folders or files on your computer with ease.

Features Hide Folders full version

No hidden limiting and encrypted files and folders
It does not change the original files and the files will not transfer to the secret place
Friendly and attractive interface
Without limiting the files and lock files
Encrypts files and folders with high security
Privatization Windows security
With a password protection when running when the software is uninstalled
High encryption and protection against attacks from spyware Security
Support for 64-bit, NTFS support, FAT32, FAT
Using shortcuts
Encrypting files and folders
Blocking high speed file
Several protection features, such as: hide folders, hide and lock folders and locks
User access to protected files and other Windows Administrator away
Support in English.
Hide Folders 5.3 Build
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