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GoodSync synchronizes two or more folders with files, that is, GoodSync makes sure that folders and all
files in them are the same by copying the new or updated files in the folder in which they were presented to
folder where they are old or not present and by propagating deletions.
GoodSync can be used in these everyday situations:
• Sync laptop computer on the local network.
• Keep user files in sync on work and home computer via USB.
• incremental backup of all files on the primary hard disk on a portable hard drive or another computer.
The real way synchronization:
• GoodSync can automatically detect and synchronize creation, deletion, and all other changes, made by the
user folders, subfolders and files.
OneWay synchronization solution provides an easy backup:
• Easy to set the OneWay synchronization provides a backup solution for the simple and reliable security.
Propagate deletions:
• GoodSync can propagate your deleted files, even through a timing chain.
Synchronization chained to multiple devices:
• Changes made by GoodSync can be transferred to other computers / devices.
• Example: You can synchronize files between computers A and B which are not interconnected,
A synchronization equipment in a USB drive, and then sync the USB drive to the computer B.
Lightning speed, low memory requirements:
• GoodSync is much faster than other synchronization programs, and less memory is required. Can analyze
Working with files and folders on each side 1M in less than 10 minutes to 500 MB of memory.
It not only synchronizes folders in Windows, but also FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, S3:
• GoodSync can synchronize any folder on both local Windows drives, Windows SMB network (Server), FTP
server, WebDAV server, Secure FTP (SSH), Amazon S3 Server.
It syncs with your phone and Windows Mobile Pocket PC
• GoodSync can synchronize files on your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC (Windows CE) on the desktop.
Selective file synchronization - include and exclude filters:
• Files can be excluded from synchronization based on the model name, size, modification date.
64-bit version, not only 32bit:
• GoodSync for Windows comes in both 32 and 64 bit.
Portable way to removable drives:
• You can specify the path to the folder that starts with the volume name, so its volume is approximately
it uses drive letter.
Synchronization Algorithm:
Auto file system is necessary:
• Changes in files automatically by comparing the position of the current location of the file stored in a file, so no
Tracking OSbased records is necessary.
Work-integrated Handled:
• A folder and its subfolders can participate in more than one work schedule, some of these services synchronization works
records above or below this folder. For example, you can synchronize the folder C: key projects \ work \ USB Folder Synchronization
C: \ work for changes in the hard drive and laptop condition file stored in a job is explained by
another job.
Case differences:
• For the names of files and folders GoodSync is case sensitive, ie the folder / file.txt is not the same as
Folder / file.txt. So you can easily synchronize with Internet time servers, which are case sensitive. And then GoodSync
that their file names are the same on both sides of the job, including the case of letters.
Schedule changes are discovered and corrected:
• When the time to change the number of files is different by the same whole number of hours, GoodSync can
change time without copying the correct file file.
FTP File Modification Time Sync:
• MDTM GoodSync uses FTP commands (if any) to get / set the exact time of the change of the file.
File Mod Time Translation For NonPreserving file system:
• For file systems that do not preserve the file modification time when copying, GoodSync implements a novel
translation technology makes courage and time seems to be preserved by copy action.
File periods of time synchronization changes only changing:
• If you suspect that the files are identical and different modification time GoodSync can copy only
modification time, without copying the file bodies.
File management:
Encrypt backups using EFS:
• You can use the Windows system file encryption (EFS) to encrypt backups. In GoodSync you can specify
Synchronization Folder Encryption / decryption status.
NTFS compression:
• GoodSync can compress one or both synchronize the folders by using NTFS compression.
Copy locked files:
• GoodSync can copy locked files using Volume Shadow Copy Service.
Copy symbolic links or Drill Down:
• Symbolic links can be copied as links (copy as it is) or files that point.
Copy ACL security attributes:
• Have an option to copy the access control list (ACL) of NTFS security attributes.
Speed ​​limit file copy:
• GoodSync can limit the bandwidth consumed by a synchronization work by limiting the copying speed files.
Integrated Unix Diff:
• You can call online comparison utility for Unix Diff per line text file.
Online backup via encrypted channels:
• If the backup system to ensure FTP or WebDAV + SSL online files will be transferred all files are encrypted
User interface:
Visual comparison of the tree of folders Made Easy:
• Files and folders are displayed both parties in a combined tree easy visual comparison.
Watch and dice made from trees Views:
• Archive to synchronize divided into different groups (from left to right, right to left, new files, deleted files,
, Etc.) are excluded and tree views let you see all these different groups in the file tree.
Job List pane as the main control panel:
• List of tasks panel displays the status of all jobs.
Bytes and the total account at all levels:
• At all levels in the folder tree, you can see how many files and how many bytes are copied.
Mini window for specialized applications:
• GoodSync can be pre-programmed by the system administrator to synchronize specific tasks and display only
The smallest mini-GUI window.
• Launch of a delay or Windows Scheduler
• Start the change when files
• Enable When the record is logged
• Enable When the record is logged
• Start GoodSync when Windows starts or disconnect
• Automatic mounting of network shares
• Registration of shares and the ratio change
• Check the automatic synchronization of email
Reliable and robust:
• Replace automatically connect to remote folders
• Roads for portable removable drives
• Automatic Backup Replaced files
• The space necessary Preview
• Fast PreAnalyze options
• User Interface Location
• Nonlatin characters in file names and folder transferred to servers
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OS: Windows 2K / XP / XP 64-bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 64 07/07 bits / 64 bits 8/8
GoodSync Enterprise KeyGen is Here!
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