Free Hex Editor Neo Full + Keygen

Free Hex Editor Neo (12.02 MB) is a decimal, and hexadecimal binary file editor for Windows. This program has the ability to let go, display, edit, modify, purification and analysis. Unlimited history file change with the ability to save and load. Create Patch changes in two clicks. Performance, comfortable and simple.

Optimization of large files to release all those working with ASCII, hex, binary broken ,, duplicate data. Create note in two mouse clicks, manipulate your EXE, DLL, DAT, AVI, MP3, JPG files with unlimited undo and redo levels. Discover the history of visual manipulation methods in all branches. Revision history can be saved, loaded and modified later.

Free Hex Editor Neo - basic tool for anyone working with binary files, disk and memory data. Hex Editor Neo is designed with care and are optimized for best performance and save valuable time working with files, disks, memory, PC and raw data. This program allows you to record all the action with very large files, like all others fail freezing and publishing.

Using the Neo Free Hex Editor can work with multiple versions of the same file at the same time to switch from one version with a single click, to export the history of changes in a separate file, upload it to share with colleagues, comparing the data to find differences between files, and more.

Basic features list also includes unlimited undo / redo, multiple choice, find and replace data models (including regular expressions) file. Finally, you can see the internal architecture of binary data with structural integrated viewer.


Unlimited levels of undo and redo actions.
Save and load history.
Create a patch.
clipboard operations.
Change the mode bits, words, double words, floating and binary data.
System Requirements:

Windows XP or later (x32 / x64); 512 MB RAM, 30 MB free space on the hard drive to disc
Languages ​​supported:. (Simplified), English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian.
In addition:

The program has a multilingual interface. Initially, the program prompts you to install the language by downloading from the Internet.
2-in-1 - the portable version and install packages in one file, which is when you begin to choose, you want to run a portable version or install a program on your computer.
Free Hex Editor Neo Full + Keygen
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