FinePrint 8.32 Workstation / Server Edition Full + Keygen

FinePrint size Edition 8:07 8:32 Work Station Mb / server is a multifunction printer driver that greatly expands the pressures on the ability of the printer anywhere in the document preview (including DOS), printing multiple pages on a single sheet of paper, printed brochures, self -header key and the "underground", create letters, substrates, frames and more.

FinePrint works with all models of printers, which is actually a multi universal printer driver with a graphical interface that is easy to manage. Another useful feature - authorization to use a preconfigured virtual printer. For example, an automatically printed brochures, and another - to print text on the paper. When pressure is used Fine significantly reduced costs, while at the same time, the overall operation of the Enhanced printer.


Overview of the printed page with the option to remove and insert new ones, change their order.
Toner Save Mode: Converting colored text in black and white graphics, delete.
Print multiple pages (2/4/8) on a piece of paper.
Print watermarks, headers and footers with the ability to specify the date, time, system variables or arbitrary text.
Creation of head and forms.
The ability to combine different print jobs into a single document for ease of complex compound documents.
Save pages and jobs to TIFF, JPEG, BMP, TXT, and FP, copy it to the clipboard as text, image or metafile.
Duplex printing (also saves ink) and the creation of the book.
Large-scale pages on standard paper sizes.
Displays the number saved with FinePrint paper.
Secure printing limits, connecting bleeding.
The ability to create multiple virtual printers with FinePrint different presets for quick printing in standard mode.
It can be used as a network printer.
FinePrint 8.32 Workstation / Server Edition Full + Keygen
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