Evaer Video Recorder for Skype Full + Keygen

Evaer Video Recorder for Skype 8.22 Mb Size is a program that is easy to use so you can easily help any user to communicate using Skype software renowned for their relatives, friends and acquaintances, the main objective call recording program of video in AVI format, but it also has the ability to record voice calls. All you need is to run Skype, after the release of the application, which automatically selects the signal and simply click the Save button, I believe that you are fully able to respond at all.

Video and audio recording in the original as possible, which is high, there are options that meet the quality and other values, which can be easily customized. In addition, the program can simultaneously record multiple video calls, which is very convenient. You can also choose the codec, which is more appropriate, in general, there is a simple program, the ultimate goal being discussed, if the necessary software, you can download below.

Additional Information:

Skype video and audio original data to record with quality
It defines the audio recording in MP3 format
Video recording in AVI format calls
Video recording settings as required
Simple User Interface

Video call recording (Include group video calls)
Registration Skype screen sharing session
Recording audio calls (Include conference call)
The automatic call recording (audio and video)
Operating tiled Skype video recording
Fashion separate Skype video recording files
Video recording mode only locally Skype webcam
Skype video recording cameras on a single web-distance fashion
Select video compressor
Select the HiRes video recording
MP3 encoding
Response in automatic cat
Call Notes
Free upgrade
Evaer Video Recorder for Skype Full + Keygen
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