DVB Dream 2.7.3 With Crack Free Download

Expects to continue to use the computer to watch TV, but online TV are not exactly what you are looking for? Well, DVB dream, you can lend a sense in this hand, since the application comes with support for a large number of units, then there is a good chance that you could be on the list too.

DVB Dream is conceived as a support for the distribution of digital video projects. Help the card owners to improve their digital TV viewing experience thanks to its resistance to DVB, speed and unique features.

Complex configuration and commissioning well-organized page

The installation process DVB Dream is smooth and fairly quick. You can find a little hard default process due to the fact that it requires some knowledge of DVB. The most important aspect is to configure the control parameters and preferences of adjacent satellites satellite equipment.

Once these steps, which eventually end up with a clear and professional interface that contains all the tools you need to start properly use the DVB device.

Save multiple channels simultaneously, view statistics and analysis of flows

Everything is well organized in menus, so that the channel search, save or open them is only a matter of time before you get there. Engine application is based on a very fast channel list system, so speed is not an issue in this case.

Among the main features of the ability to travel time into account, the MULTI PIP, Transmission LAN and multi-channel recording in MPG TS format. You can also perform PID statistics and analyze the current channel.


But DVB Dream did a good job in our tests. Even if the configuration took time, the application of all reasonable efforts because it manages to make the most of the experience of DVB without overloading the performance of your PC.

What's new
v2.7.3 (08.28.2015)
- Many ATSC related corrections
- Name ATSC channels now correctly detected
- Korean translation added
- LAN transmission buffer size can now be defined in bytes instead of kilobytes
* Tests waiting ATSC USA, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, El Salvador, Honduras.
* Frequencies are ATSC DVB Dream center frequencies and frequency video carrier before sending the driver.
If the hardware does not support ATSC, try "Using the central carrier frequencies up Video" option under the main options menu-> options-> unit)
* All ATSC frequencies defined in terrestrial.ini (the US, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, El Salvador, Honduras) titles.
DVB Dream 2.7.3 With Crack Free Download
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