DisplayFusion Pro 7.3.0 + Key

Display Pro works best with multiple monitors, but can also be used with a single. Screen
It is a good program that can make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or more) life much easier!
From there you can use a different wallpaper on each monitor, integration with Flickr for image
strive to provide hotkeys for managing your application window access.
Easily manage application windows with shortcuts:
• transition window to the next screen
• window, go to the next screen and maximize
• Move the window in the middle of the screen
• Moving the window in the middle of the screen and the size is 75% of the working area
• mosaic windows along the top, bottom, left or right
• Maximize the window covering all monitors
• tasks performed Multimonitor
• Advanced Management Context
• Customization Features
• Monitor Configuration
• Windows Settings 8
• Pause window
• Window Management
• Window Mode
• Windows Logon Background
• Screensaver Multi Monitor
• Office Profiles icon
* Not available
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10/2003/2008
DisplayFusion Pro 7.3.0 + Key
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