Destroy Windows 10 Spying 1.5 Build 345

Spy Destroy Windows 10 - Although Windows 10 came many features users expect, as a start menu and icons renewed, also came with several very important issues one has to do with your tracking behavior.
Destroy Windows 10 espionage is one of many applications that aim to solve this problem.
Windows 10 stop tracking
• As the title suggests, this portable application works only on computers with Windows 10, x86 or x64, otherwise it will not start.
• When you open the main window, simply press a button and let the program to stop all processes of any surveillance activity. A log file can be examined is represented by all who are interested in performing all tasks, but users have no control over these actions.
Remove one or more Windows applications 10
• destroy another handy feature in Windows 10 espionage offers you a chance to get rid of several of Windows 10 native applications.
• Specifically, you can remove the Xbox onedrive Solitude, Mail, Calendar, or 3D Builder and various media tools (ie. News, weather and sports).
• Just check the box for each program and wait for Windows 10 Spy Destroy deleted automatically.
Transparent and open the hosts file
• You can also use this tool when you want to access the host file on your computer with Windows 10 or simply clear in it.
• You can also access your privacy options directly from this application and manually activate the other parameters. The disadvantage of this method is that you are an experienced user of technology to ensure that their documents are safe.
But Windows 10 • Destroy espionage can be used by anyone who cares about your privacy when using Windows 10. Because the application does not come with many customizable features, it is more suitable for beginners, as all you have to press a button and disable tracing.
• Not available
* Correction of old mistakes
* Add a command line (see the "Readme" file in the program)
* More fixes
* Add new bugs
OS: Windows 10/10 64-bit
Destroy Windows 10 Spying 1.5 Build 345
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