Destroy Windows 10 Spying 1.4 Full 2015

Spy Destroy Windows 10 - the new Windows, installation is already installed, and many PC users, integrated services that collect confidential Vieja. To protect your personal information, program that eliminates spyware modules used in Windows 10
Destroy espionage 1.4 of Windows 10 - Microsoft reserves in the history of Internet browsing, passwords, many other personal details associated with your account. Deciphering the specified account, attackers can easily access the NCI. Also, for you will be assigned a unique identifier of advertising for the consumer, so that different companies may collect about you brewed. When encoding a disk with BitLocker password is stored in onedrive servers. This password and complete all other data can be transferred at the request of the security service or the court under US law. In addition, under a license agreement, Microsoft will be able to use them when it deems necessary to protect customers. Access to the Microsoft program that collect data if you absolutely stop all services that collect personal data will be closed. It will also be able to remove Skype from advertising and eliminate some annoying Windows program 10. The tool works on both 32 and 64 bit Windows laptop, which contains the user interface.
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