CrystalDiskInfo 6.6.0 Alpha 1 Full + Crack

Crystal 6.6.0 Alpha 1 (5.77 Mb) is a powerful tool for monitoring the status of the hard drive, which allows you to view detailed information on the devices installed on your computer, as well as self-diagnosis SMART parameters, including the current HDD temperature, and degree of "health."

Crystal displays information about the state of the hard drive, the data from the SMART study and the hard disk temperature. For the capacity and temperature of the disk can be obtained by clicking on the program icon in the notification area. For more information on the status of the hard disk is displayed in a window.

The program is compatible with the site and change the subject. In addition, the dynamic development tool for monitoring parameters of all system devices and allows you to display on a map. There is support for USB and IEEE 1394 A complete list of chips and drivers can be found on the official website (more) external hard drives. New aware of the possibility to control and AAM APM to external devices.
CrystalDiskInfo 6.6.0 Alpha 1 Full + Crack
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