Cleaner++ 2015.9

++ Cleaner is a handy and reliable application designed to clean your system registry fast and uninstalling programs on the computer.
Such request disturbances in sensitive parts of your computer, resulting in improved performance and user experience overall improvement is required. Cleaner ++, you can achieve this in a few simple steps that can be performed by the average user.
In terms of appearance, cleaner ++ does not impress you, but it makes up for in functionality in the right amount.
The program has a Registry Cleaner General, which is the heart of the application, able to find traces left by the various programs that are difficult to clean by hand.
There are also opportunities for the disorder in public areas of the registry as an installation folder, the ports of the printer, type regedit, shared DLL files, Start menu items, to name the most important.
You can also enable the program to remove the icon and historical items navigation and waterways from the most recent documents.
++ Cleaner detects what programs or games that are uninstalled from the system, but writing today become obsolete. Alternatively, you can search for specific registry key and the application must be cleaned on request.
The uninstall program identifies the software installed on your computer, so you can remove them quickly and easily.
However, the cleaner ++ a simple registry cleaner, but effective, which sees the basics to keep your computer in shape. However, you can use a backup option to save as other cleaners do.
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* Disk Cleaner: 60 Appz, 0 Other (Total: 240 Appz, 25 Other)
OS: Windows All
Cleaner++ 2015.9
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