AVZ 4.45 Full + Serial Key

AVZ 4.45 (10:57 Mb) is an antivirus designed to detect and remove: spyware and adware modules - is the main tool for the objective marker (Trojan.Dialer), Trojans, backdoor modules, network and email worms, TrojanSpy, TrojanDownloader, TrojanDropper. The tool is a direct analogue of programs and TrojanHunter Lavasoft Ad-aware. The main purpose of this program is to eliminate spyware and Trojans.

Main Features:

Heuristic Control Firmware: find firmware and software known viruses on evidence - the log files on the disk base and memory analysis.
Basic audio information updated files: This includes digital signatures of tens of thousands of files and file systems known safe processes. Basic is connected to all systems AVZ and works on the principle of "his / Alien" - to ensure that files are quarantined, blocked the kidnapping and warnings, the rootkit employed basis, research files, analysis multiple. In particular, the process color process manager integrated distribution and secure, locate the file on disk can be excluded from scanning files that are known (which is very useful in the search for Trojans disk).
It contains rootkit detection: The rootkit scanning require signatures on the basis of research in the basic system library on the subject of the interception of their duties. AVZ can not only detect the rootkit, but also to produce work that is really the key to user mode, kernel rootkit rootkit processes and system level. Anti-Rootkit applies to all scanners generate service functions AVZ, AVZ can detect camouflaged processes, the system looks in the registry "sees" the masked keys, etc. antirootkit equipped with process analysis and discovery service, hidden rootkit. One of the most important in my eyes rootkit functionality was under Win9x (Notice of rasprostranennnoe about a rootkit, running in the deep fault Win9X platform - Hundreds of API functions wiretapping Trojan to hide its presence distort functions API or monitor) a different function is a kernel rootkit detection and versatile system locks.
Keylogger Detector (keylogger) and Troy DLL: Find DLL Trojan keylogger and implemented on the basis of the analysis of the system without using the basic signature data, so pretty safe to discover the Trojan and keylogger First known DLL.
Neyroanalizator: Mention give AVZ neyroemulyator signature analyzer allows the study of suspicious files using neural networks. Currently, the detector loggers neural network.
Built in design analyzer Winsock SPI / LSP: Allows you to analyze the settings, diagnose possible errors in the automatic configuration and do the treatment. The possibility of automated diagnosis and treatment is useful for beginners (in public services such as auto LSPFix untreated). To investigate the SPI / LSP manually in this program have a special configuration manager LSP / SPI. In analyzing the work of the Winsock SPI / LSP applies rootkit.
Embedded control processes, services and drivers: Your goal is to study the processes underway and loaded libraries, services and running pilots. Work processes covered by anti rootkit (as a result - "sees" hidden rootkit). Process Manager secure file system in conjunction with the base AVZ, security and selected file identified.
Built-in utility to find a file on the hard drive: You can search for files with different criteria for the system's capabilities as the capacity of the research system. The job search engines are subject to anti-rootkit (as a consequence - sees "sees" masked by the rootkit files and can be deleted), the filter can exclude search results files identified as safe AVZ. The results are available in text and tables where you can select a group of files for deletion or quarantine protocol.
AVZ 4.45 Full + Serial Key
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