Actual Multiple Monitors 8.5 (FULL + Crack)

Simply the Best Multi-Monitor for Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1!

Get fully functional data bar with the Start menu and the taskbar on each monitor
Quickly move windows between monitors
Set your own wallpaper and screensavers on each monitor
Playing a game on a screen and chat, surf the web, etc., in other
Several real monitors enhances the Windows user interface when working with multiple screens simultaneously. Several real installation screens have important controls such as the taskbar, menu, taskbar and Start Task Switcher each connected screen, quickly assign windows between monitors (manual or automatic), improve the look and feel of office, multi-monitor wallpapers and screensavers, change the screen of their laptop between internal and external monitors to a desktop profiles click. Play your favorite games and chat monitor, web servant, online video streaming, etc., on the other hand, simultaneously, without fear that the game will be minimized.
With these improvements subtle but important productivity can increase several times!

Multiple Monitor Taskbar
It is necessary to move the cursor to the main screen to access the taskbar. Several actual screens with a bar to obtain fully functional data on each screen. Whether the monitor works with - the Windows 7 on, 8 functions of the taskbar are available everywhere:

Start Button and Tools
Aero Peek and Jump Lists
The notification area (system tray), the clock and the Show Desktop button
Groups customize the taskbar
and further
Additional title bar buttons
Rescued from routine display window between monitors - new buttons in the title bar of each window that gives immediate access to the advanced features of windows and let in a single click applies:

Move the window to another monitor key additional title - move a window to another monitor

Maximize every window on the desktop multi-screen button All additional title - creates a window that covers the entire composite desktop

Custom keyboard shortcuts
Shortcuts is a tool for professionals and monitors the actual number of fully supports. Most of the program functions can be activated via hotkey, and you can customize the keyboard shortcuts at will. In addition, you can add your own keyboard shortcuts for certain operations in the window

Multiple Monitors playing
Players will see more features for the most accurate monitors were developed specifically to enhance the gaming experience multiple monitors, making it more attractive and practical:

Ignore off - prevents the game is minimized when another application changes
Mouse Lock - locks the mouse on a specific monitor windows or prevent him from leaving a game
and many others
Divider Office
Splitter allows you to share all the large desk and each monitor in several areas are not (tiling) cut. If you put a window to one of these tiles, the window will expand to just the tiles limits. You can create as many custom chip design you need and activate them on the fly when circumstances require.

Break Window
If you prefer to manually resolve their windows Several actual screens will help make faster and more accurately by adjusting an edge of a drug testing:

limits or desktop monitor
other windows (inside and out)
personalized virtual grid with a defined cell size
In addition, you get an enhanced version of Windows 7 Aero Snap: now works on the border between the displays.

Multiple monitors Background
With the help of several existing monitors, you can configure all types of wallpaper on multiple screens:

Only generated image of the whole office
Single image on each screen
Slideshow single pass separately on each monitor
Web slideshows from Flickr or Google Images
The flexible image position (center, tile, stretch, proportional to adapt crops)
Multi-Monitor Screen Saver
Several actual fenders give new skills to screensavers (even those that do not support native multi-monitor) - you'll be able to:

stretch screen savers during the entire desktop
put individual saver on each monitor
Mirror Bureau
Mirror is a special function that allows you to follow a certain window or a custom monitor on the desktop in a separate window on another screen. This can be useful in several specific situations:

you need to clone the main screens for two or more monitors
you need to control what happens on another screen, but it is out of sight (again control a client, a TV in another room, etc.)
When you give a report or presentation, you can work with materials on the main screen, reflecting the necessary part on the projector to your listeners
Actual Multiple Monitors 8.5 (FULL + Crack)
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