ACDSee 18.2 Build 250

ACDSee (32-bit)

ACDSee allows photographers to carry out all of the essential elements of the creative photography process and distribution in one place. Managing your growing photo collection has never been this painless.

ACDSee is packed with tools to help you organize your photos, perfect your best, and inspire your friends and family. With an impressive array of automatic functions designed to keep your workflow flowing, a host of new filters to keep the creativity coming, and quick access to the cloud, ACDSee gives you unprecedented efficiency.

ACDSee What's New:

Smart Indexer
In order to maximize your overall ACDSee experience, the Smart Indexer catalogs folders and adds them to the ACDSee Database when your computer is idle. The Smart Indexer is so smart that it knows when you’ve made changes and automatically keeps everything up-to-date, so that you don’t even have to think about it.

Auto Lens View
Quickly preview your images in a variety of filters as you browse them with View mode using Auto Lens View.

Revel in the convenience of a sneak peek of your images through your OS’ context menu, as you go, with ACDSee PicaView. Save time not having to open your images in an application to identify them, view their EXIF information, and launch them in ACDSee for further editing without any bother at all.

1-Step EQ
Enjoy the simplicity of automatic exposure adjustment with 1-Step EQ. ACDSee’s patented LCE (Lighting and Contrast Enhancement) technology powers 1-Step EQ’s intuitive corrections as you open the image.

ACDSee SeeDrive
Conveniently take care of all your cloud-related tasks right from Manage mode. Upload images to and download from ACDSee 365, organize, control privacy settings, and share with your family, friends, and the world with ACDSee SeeDrive.

Support for Windows Touch Gestures
Motion through your viewing process quickly and elegantly on your tablet or mobile device with ACDSee 18’s support for Windows Touch Gestures™.

When you need some mystery or a dash of charm or fancy, apply a variety of brand new effects without needing to go through a complicated, multi-step process.

Auto EQ
View your images with an immediate exposure boost on the fly with Auto EQ.

Note: Free 15-Day Fully Functional Trial Version.

For - Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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